Feel Better

The goal of my project is to help you check and treat your psychological health after a certain natural disaster has occurred in your town.
Either through emotional treatment or by decoding the physical illness, then he provides you with the appropriate treatment and follows up your condition until you reach the stage of recovery, and if the condition worsens, he directs you to a psychological consultant to complete your treatment.

Your Psychiatrist

An application that helps a person treat himself from mental illness from home without a doctor

Detection of fetal anomalies

Detection of fetal abnormalities is a program that detects congenital anomalies before birth where it tells the user if this fetus is distorted or not..Next up we help reduce the number of deaths and post-natal abnormalities….

Disease fighters

Many people suffer from serious diseases such as diabetes, and I designed a simple game that helps to stop eating sugars through the effect of this game

Lungs care

The doctor asks you some questions, and you have to answer yes or no, and then enters the chest X-ray, and in the end the doctor gives you some advice

Cholera Escape

Cholera Escape is a program designed with pictoblox, aims to raise awareness of cholera in easy and fun way. The program contains 2 parts : the first one provides informations about cholera using ai, the second one is a scratch game, you can win it by avoiding getting sick.

saved bones

My project will solve the problem of wrong casting of fractures by examining x-rays of the bone immediately after the casting process

The smart stick

The smart stick is a program depends on the Artificial Intelligence, the Automatic machine learning and the teachnque of recognizing the voice.
the smart stick repleces the old traditional ways of helping visually impaired people to do their daily routines and stay safe.
I recommend them to start using it.

Color Blind test

Bright Vision is a program designed using pictoblox that offers Ishihara’s color blindness test.
It displays a set of images with different numbers and different color backgrounds, through which it is determined whether the user is color-blind and sends the result to a specialist doctor using IFTTT.