Parks protection

Monitoring the park with surveillance cameras that send snapshots to the software system based on machine learning technology, where it analyzes it and issues appropriate commands such as sound alerts and sends notifications to maintenance workers in order to preserve the safety and cleanliness of the park .

Save Water Save Earth 🌎

1) Water is a precious natural resource.
2) Most of the water on the Earth is polluted. 3) Earth is facing a lack of fresh water.
4) Planting trees will help in saving water.

Safe Childhood

Classification of texts helps in a lot of work in magazines and social media, but in the current age of technology, it has become very easy for children to access content on the Internet and in many cases it is not monitored.
I present to you a project to classify texts into 12 categories using text classification in the ML Environment extension, and to analyze the text content to detect speechact, sentiment, emotion, sarcasm and abuse in the text using the Internet of Things extension and through API Requests, and it also provides a summary of the texts.
The program will help everyone, especially parents.

Green life

My project’s name is Green Life, because it is about pollution problem
My project contains three sections:
The first section is Smart System to recognize and classify the rubbish to four parts, it consists of Machine Learning technology.
The second one is a Dashboard it consists of IOT technology.
The third one is a Smart Connection System it consists of IFTTT technology.
the dashboard link in the video description.

Potable and Non-Potable Water

Potable and Non-Potable Water is a project based on artificial intelligence and machine learning using ” Pictoblocks ” to distinguish between potable and non-potable water to reduce the spread of diseases among various organisms and thus maintain the environmental balance

Bee Safe

“After the disappearance of bees from the surface of the planet Earth, a human being would live no more than four years” A quote by Albert Einstein. “Bee Safe” is designed to protect bees and their cells from their natural enemies. The program works on driving out enemies via using ultrasound waves or the sound of falcons.

The natural enemies of bees are: bee-eater birds, acherontia atropos, frogs, Beewolves and hornets. The program, furthermore, helps to protect the cells from being stolen by sending a message to the owner in case anyone other than the owner approaches the hive.