irrigation sysstem

We all know that watering plants through
sprinklers is wasting water and electricity, so
to avoid that, we have made “Automatic
Irrigation System” which saves both water and
electricity .


This project consists of the design of an intelligent greenhouse which aims to optimize all incoming energy in its operation.

Let’s plant!

This project is made to help farmers around the world decide if their land supports or does not support cotton, this process happens depending on many factors such as PH & Temperature & Your country & other several things.
And this all happens using Machine Learning (ML)

Together we save the soil

Soils have long been at risk. Lall and Stewart estimate global losses of farmland from degradation and clearing at 12 million hectares per year, my program help the farmers how to protect their soil using AI.

The Agricultural Assistant

The Agricultural Assistant is a program that aims to help citrus farmers and people who want to grow them to take care of them by artificial intelligence and machine learning by providing information about citrus, how to grow them, take care of their splendor, classify diseases that affect their plants, suggest appropriate treatment, in addition to archiving production, fertilizer and irrigation dates, and direct communication with the agricultural expert in case of need.

Green Peace

Green Peace is a program (in Pictoblox) that examines the olive tree if it is sick and identifies the disease(with Machine learning), and it presents information and tips about the olive tree and its cultivation.