Be My Reader

For people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties, and for young kids. “Be my reader” is a smart ring that reads, repeats, and translates words. When you’re done reading, you can play a game where you can review the words you have just translated in a fun way.
Just with this small ring, we can change the lives of many people.

Disease fighters

Many people suffer from serious diseases such as diabetes, and I designed a simple game that helps to stop eating sugars through the effect of this game

Save Water Save Earth 🌎

1) Water is a precious natural resource.
2) Most of the water on the Earth is polluted. 3) Earth is facing a lack of fresh water.
4) Planting trees will help in saving water.

Cholera Escape

Cholera Escape is a program designed with pictoblox, aims to raise awareness of cholera in easy and fun way. The program contains 2 parts : the first one provides informations about cholera using ai, the second one is a scratch game, you can win it by avoiding getting sick.

All_In_One: The Ultimate Train Management

All_In_One: The Ultimate Train Management Project is a coding project with the objective of enhancing the safety of railway transportation by decreasing train accidents caused by overlapped train trucks. The project used various technologies, including IoT and IFTTT, to track trains movements and send emails with departure and arrival details. The project also includes a train movement simulator and a tracking system that provides information about train details. The goal is to develop a comprehensive solution that makes train transportation safer and more efficient. Note: Link of thingspeak dashboard is in description of the YouTube video.